Sunful Saturday Review

Anthony Hopkins –
“We are fascinated by the darkness in ourselves, we are fascinated by the shadow, we are fascinated by the boogeyman.”

bitwThirty-two tales of horror from acclaimed author Donna Burgess. Enter the world of vampire, zombies, ghosts and people who aren’t quite sane. Travel the darkest roads, from the American South to the Chernobyl contamination zone and find out what lies in wait. FOR MATURE READERS.

This is a compilation of the short-story singles listed, including, Breaths In Winter, The Dancing Water, The Dead Girl’s Blog, Abigail, Scarecrow John, Twilight Poison and many others.

Total word count is approx. 116000 or 368 pages.


thefaith                                              Great evil threatens a quiet college town!

A demon is born and the clock is ticking. The town of Clearmont, Massachusetts becomes a place of terror overnight. As disappearances and gruesome murders stack up, reports of a monstrous beast becomes the norm. Jonathan Bailey, a retired folklorist, and his estranged son, Philip, travel to a distant land in search of mythical powers to stop the demons in their quest to destroy the only defense protecting humanity from the terror devouring the town. In this contest of good vs. evil, will the residents of Clearmont find the heroic within themselves? When all seems lost, the most unassuming among them will step forward to selflessly face an enemy more powerful than any human being.