The Apocalypse Survivors: The Undead World Novel 2 (Volume 2)

untitledThis is not an uplifting tale of heroes and heroines. Get that out of your head now. It’s a tale of survival. It’s a tale of dried blood beneath your nails, of new pain, of gnawing hunger and unrelenting loneliness, of fear and hatred, and yes, of courage. In The Apocalypse, the great majority of the men and women who fought with honor, with a sense of duty and loyalty, gave their lives for others, leaving those without honor to flourish and rule. Their rule is not marked by decency or civility, but by wicked brutality. Yet, in some very rare cases, the kind and the noble survived. These hardened survivors learned to live among the undead, but now they must learn how to stay alive among creatures that are far more monstrous: their fellow man.

Odd Lodgings: Stories of the Preternatural


When the night’s quiet is broken or an ornate door cannot be opened, when a little metal figurine or the body of an unknown reptile is found, normal people are challenged by things they have trouble explaining, and slowly the impossible begins to creep into reality. Odd Lodgings is Taylor M. Smith’s first published collection of eerie short stories, none of which have been previously available to the public. They include “The Other Lodger,” “Ancient Oak,” “Jumping on the Ceiling,” “Hallowmas,” “Behind the Plaster,” and “The Keyhole.”