The Zompire [Kindle Edition]


THE ZOMPIRE entails mankind’s unbelievable fascination with monsters.

Welcome to modern day Earth, and mankind has to be sharing their living space with a clan of blood suckers …..Vampires. A special unit called the VCA ( Vampire Control Agency) has been set up to deal with, or attempt to deal with these night walking menaces. They get valuable manpower help from the SSS ( Special Security Services).

The showdown between Vampires and humans happens almost everyday. Reports of missing individuals, a few bodies found strewn around general back allies and fear being driven into the minds of the general population.

After a night of battle between humans and their blood sucking counterparts, they happen to capture one of these blood sucking monsters. Humans feel a bit redeemed to this success, and then they start their observations and experiments with this now captured vampire…… BUT……then all hell breaks loose!