A Place for Sinners

Sometimes, survival is a sin.

Amity Collins has been deaf since she was seven. That was the day the wild dogs attacked, fighting for her bones. The day her father died. This trip to Thailand is exactly what Amity and her brother, Caleb, need—freedom.

As their boat slits through saltwater, Amity, Caleb and the other passengers are having the time of their lives. They watch the island emerge on the horizon. Its trees twitch, as though impatient or hungry. Within its shadows, secrets best kept hidden will be unearthed. Sacrifices will be made. Terror will reach out to grasp Amity, as real and frightening as what’s lurking in the dark.


“Like the country in which it’s set, A Place for Sinners is fascinating, evocative, dangerous and surprising. A harrowing roller-coaster ride of a novel that’ll leave you dazed and shaken.”
– Brett McBean, author of The Awakening and Wolf Creek: Desolation Game

“Aaron Dries, Australia’s Edgar Allen Poe, has a talent most other authors can only dream of.”
– Iain Rob Wright, author of The Final Winter.

“Combine the dark, poetic prose of Clive Barker with the high-octane suspense of Dean Koontz and you get a hybrid of horrifying fiction by Aaron Dries.”
– Brian Moreland, author of The Devil’s Woods and The Witching House

Blood Red Roses

The spirits of the dead cry for justice. ”

In the waning days of the Civil War, orphaned teen Jebediah Abernathy has been indentured to one of the most notorious plantations in Mississippi, Beechwood. Ramses, the sadistic overseer, rules completely, unchecked by owners driven mad by the loss of their only son. Cruelty and torture are commonplace. And slave boys are mysteriously vanishing. But Jebediah is not completely alone. The ghost of his father and an escaped slave sorceress will lead him to the horrific truth about the disappearances a knowledge that will probably cost him his life.