Dead Souls 1 (The Dead Souls Serial)

The Dead Souls serial begins with the very first book, in which Kate Langley arrives on the island of Thaxos for a vacation she never wanted in the first place.

Before long, Kate learns that she’s not the only recent arrival. Edgar Le Compte has come to Thaxos in order to reclaim his family’s long-abandoned ancestral home. Many of the locals are dismayed by the return of the Le Compte name, and it seems as if the entire island is gripped by paranoia.

When Kate finally meets Edgar, she’s surprised by his friendliness. But dark secrets lurk in the shadows, and when Kate receives an unexpected job offer that could keep her on the island, she’s forced to decide whether or not she believes some of the wilder and more fantastical claims about the Le Compte family.

This is the first part of an ongoing serial, therefore it has a cliffhanger ending that is resolved in book 2. Each part of the serial is approximately 20,000 words

Dead Souls 2 (The Dead Souls Serial)

The Dead Souls serial continues with the second book, in which Kate starts her new job and learns more about the Le Compte family. Death and danger seem to follow Edgar wherever he goes, but by the time Kate realizes that she might be in danger, she’s already too late. Out alone late one night, she comes face to face with one of the Le Compte family’s darkest secrets.

Meanwhile, in the port town, Edgar’s arrival has coincided with a plague of rats. When his goddaughter Alice is bitten, Ephram realizes that his worst fears about the Le Compte family are starting to come true.

This is book two in the Dead Souls serial. Each part is approximately 20,000 words long and ends on a cliffhanger.

Dead Souls 3 (The Dead Souls Serial)

In the third part of the Dead Souls serial, things go from bad to worse in the port town as Ephram is pushed to the edge. Finally, just when he is about to give up home, he learns that others share his concerns.

Up at the mansion, Edgar’s fiance Didi learns some horrible truths about the man she claims to love. After a dark encounter with Edgar in the house’s basement, she considers fleeing, but before she can make a decision she finds that Edgar has made a horrific discovery in one of the maintenance huts.

This is the third book in the Dead Souls series. Each book is approximately 20,000 words and ends on a cliffhanger. Readers are strongly advised to read the books in order.