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Leave This Place

Goodreads.com gave 3.8 star rating

Leave This Place

Silas wakes with a start in the middle of the night, feeling a suffocating sense of unease — as if he’s being watched. His wife is asleep. He scans the bedroom of their rented holiday cottage, a spooky and unfamiliar place.

He makes out something in the dark. On the chair in the corner of the room. What the…? He’s mistaken, surely. It’s his over-active imagination. It’s a trick of the moonlight.

No. Something’s there. A figure, hunched forward – an old man. The same old man he’s seen in a framed photograph on the bedroom wall. Sitting there, watching them sleep. With a terrifying grin on his face…


The Flight By Sophia Grace

Goodreads gave 3.00 Star Rating

Horror : The flight                                         Seasoned with a sinister style, the short story of an in-flight scenario will have engaged readers question going on their next plane trip.

Are you brave enough? Read this book.