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The Haunting of Emily Stone  By Amy Cross

Goodreads gave 4.00 stars

The Haunting of Emily Stone

“The haunting of Emily Stone was a hoax. There was no ghost, it was just a money-grabbing old woman and an easily-manipulated little girl. End of story.”

Twenty-four years ago, Robert Slocombe thought he had proof that ghosts were real. British newspapers filled their pages with photos of little Emily being tormented by what seemed to be a malevolent spirit. And then the whole thing turned out to be a trick, and Robert’s career was over.

Until now.

One day Emily Stone, now a grown woman with a child of her own, contacts Robert out of the blue and begs for his help. She claims that her daughter is being tormented by a dark entity, and that parts of her original story were true after all. Robert dismisses Emily’s claims out of hand and tells her to leave him alone, but then a horrific incident forces him to go back to the scene of his greatest humiliation. Was the haunting of Emily Stone really a hoax, or was there a sliver of truth at its heart?

The Haunting of Emily Stone is a horror novel about two damaged people trying to save a little girl from dark forces.