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The Nightmare Hours by Hugh Key

Goodreads gave 4.00 Stars

The Nightmare Hours

On a bitter winter’s night, the snow fell fast and heavy, blanketing the city of Omaha in a white blizzard frost. The roads laid barren, shutting down businesses as snow crews worked overtime to keep up. A chilly night shaped to stay indoors and enjoy the comforts of laziness and huddle underneath a warm coverlet. NATASHA KING, a self-help writer, embraced such comforts by curling up with a book and a late night glass of wine.
One afternoon, during a late luncheon, she caught the attention of IVAN WILLS, attorney and self-proclaimed gift to the world of women. When the encounter doesn’t go as he planned, Ivan vowed to bring them together again. Unbeknownst to Natasha, Ivan held a secret as the city’s most dangerous serial killer called the Loverman. Branded for his brutality, he was distinctly known for carving an image of a heart into the chest of his victims.
Tonight, a battle over life and death would be decided before the rise of the morning sun. Natasha lived alone and existed in a world of darkness. Inheritably blind and an outsider to the realm of sight, she never imagined evil would one day seek her out. Natasha would learn that in the darkness monsters are real and her worst nightmare revealed.

Ruthless By Carolyn Lee Adams

Goodreads gave 3.73 Stars


A spine-tingling debut about the ultimate game of cat-and-mouse in reverse as a teen struggles to retain hope—and her sanity—while on the run from a cunning and determined killer.

Ruth Carver has always competed like her life depends on it. Ambitious. Tough. Maybe even mean. It’s no wonder people call her Ruthless.

When she wakes up with a concussion in the bed of a moving pickup truck, she realizes she has been entered into a contest she can’t afford to lose.

At a remote, rotting cabin deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ruth’s blindfold comes off and she comes face-to-face with her captor. A man who believes his mission is to punish bad girls like Ruth. A man who has done this six times before.

The other girls were never heard from again, but Ruth won’t go down easy. She escapes into the wilderness, but her hunter is close at her heels. That’s when the real battle begins. That’s when Ruth must decides just how far she’ll go in order to survive.

Back home, they called her Ruthless. They had no idea just how right they were.